Power in Motion (canvas print)



“Power in Motion”

The 2018 Olympic Games in PeyongChang were an important games for the family and I. My wife Zuzana Rogers is the physical therapist for the US Ski Team, and 2018 was her first time traveling to the games with the team. She regularly travels on the European World Cup circuit, but the olympics has always been a dream.

As amazing as it was to have Zuzi there in PeyongChang, it was incredible to watch our US skiers peak at just the right time. Sadie Bjornsen’s gutsy performances inspired this piece of motion, drama, and power. This is hands down my favorite piece of 2018!

The original work is in private ownership and unavailable for purchase.

Size: 24 x 16 inch, canvas reproduction
Technique: Mixed media: Watercolor, Acrylic, and Pastel

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11×14", 5×7"


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